Table.delimited_self(delim='\t', header_key=None, header_value=None, metadata_formatter=<class 'str'>, observation_column_name='#OTU ID', direct_io=None)

Return self as a string in a delimited form

Default str output for the Table is just row/col ids and table data without any metadata

Including observation metadata in output: If header_key is not None, the observation metadata with that name will be included in the delimited output. If header_value is also not None, the observation metadata will use the provided header_value as the observation metadata name (i.e., the column header) in the delimited output.

metadata_formatter: a function which takes a metadata entry and returns a formatted version that should be written to file

observation_column_name: the name of the first column in the output table, corresponding to the observation IDs. For example, the default will look something like:

#OTU ID Sample1 Sample2 OTU1 10 2 OTU2 4 8